On this “May The Force (4th) Be With You Day”. I can say I am one of the few who haven’t watched all the “Star Wars” movies. I haven’t. There is a reason. I do own Disney+ so if I wanted to I could binge watch them all so that I can right this wrong.
I blame it on my babysitter growing up. I was about 4 years old when the original “Star Wars Episode IV - A New Hope” came out in 1977.
First don’t get me started on the whole “it’s episode 4 but yet the first “Star Wars” movie to come out. That right there may have lead me to never watch another one. That, though, is not the reason that was the one and only “Star Wars” movie I have ever watched. Yes, I do still know a lot of the plot lines and revelations. I just never watched the other movies.
So again here I was four years old and my babysitter, Chrissy, who at the time I really loved, took me to the movies. She took me to see “Star Wars”. Now I was four. Was it age appropriate for me? Maybe not. I will say that what she said to me when Chewbacca appeared on the screen was not. She told me if I was not good (hey maybe I was acting up a little bit, I don’t know) Chewbacca would come off the screen and get me. Chewbacca! I was four so I didn’t realize he was a good guy and wouldn’t do that. I just know that freaked me out.
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
Since that day I never ventured past that movie ever. Episode IV was the one and only Star Wars movie I ever have watched. Should that change? Should I give them a chance? Comment below

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