Potter County Judge Nancy Tanner, the closings of Potter County buildings due to the COVID-19 pandemic has been extended, however the Tax Office and courts will not be closed down.

Back in March, 2020, Potter County declared a local state of disaster due to the pandemic, which was then extended the next week. This state of disaster will continue, “until further order of the Commissioners Court or until Governor Greg Abbott vacates, rescinds, or cancels the current state-wide declaration of disaster”.

With the Level Red status of Potter County, reasons the order, and the ongoing pandemic, buildings and property belonging to Potter County, including but not limited to leased properties, will remain closed through Jan. 31.

The exceptions noted in the order are:

The Tax Office; The Santa Fe Building, on 900 S. Polk, will stay open to allow the Potter County Tax Assessor-Collector office to be publicly accessible.

Courts; the order, so it said, is not intended to interfere with any court performing an adjudicatory function.

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