Time for real talk fam, Professional photos are expensive. Plus they take up hours of your time. You take 100 photos and might only use three....slight exaggeration.

With this in mind, I called upon the better half of my bro-mance and we went searching for a way to get quality photos for cheap. This lead us to, "The Hobby Lobby Challenge."

If you haven't heard of "The Hobby Lobby Challenge," it's fairly simple. You go into a Hobby Lobby, make your way to the fake floral section, and snap your photos. If you feel especially creative, you can use props found all over the store! Do it low key, and you'll get out of there with quality shots and no hassle.

For this shoot I called upon my brother from a Jersey mother, Mr. D.B. Nyce. We walked in like nothing was going on and made our way to the fake flowers. As you can see, this is mostly about angles.

The last thing you want from your Hobby Lobby Challenge is a shot with bad angles. They can reveal the shelving, end caps, or price tags. Be mindful of your surroundings and you'll come up with incredible shots you can use to "wow" your friends and family.

Don't be afraid to use those filters. They can really make your shots go from just being okay, to being absolute fire. By playing with angles and filters, you can walk away with classy photos that are sure to get your DMs bursting at the seams.

Quick word of caution; do be mindful of your surroundings. Other shoppers will walk up on you while shooting, and the staff of Hobby Lobby hates the challenge because some people make a mess.

Clean up after yourself and be courteous to other shoppers and you can walk out with a great profile pic and no trouble. We even had a few people watching and laughing once they figured out what was going on.

If you decide to take the challenge, show us your photo shoot!

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