Randall Country Mugshots is one of the more uh...spicy pages that has been on Facebook for a quite a while now. If you're one of the few people who have never heard of such a page, it's essentially a page where the mugshots of people who have been arrested in Randall County are posted, along with their booking information and frequently include a set of hashtags that are tailored to the occasion.

It is a wildly popular page, to say the least.

But there is one thing that long-time users of the social media platform will notice is that the page tends to come and go, come and go, up and down...you could say it's wishy washy.

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And as of just a few days ago--it's gone. Again. The Randall County Mugshots page is nowhere to be found on Facebook. Seems like it simply went, POOF!

Since this isn't really an unusual thing to happen, nobody has really been too alarmed. But i have caught wind of a possible explanation for the page's disappearance: the identity of the page creator was discovered and made public.

Normally, this would be hot gossip...the problem: it's old news. Just about everyone knows (or has heard through the grapevine) about the person who is allegedly the one running the page.*

Who knows? Certainly not me.

Although I did notice that certain mugshot and arrest details (which took place in Randall county, ironically enough) have never been posted to the page, despite repeated requests for it made by the public. But I'm certain that is just a coinky-dink.

Again, all of this is hearsay, not fact.

To Mugshot or Not to Mugshot, That Is The Question

There's plenty of division over whether the mugshot page is "ethical" and whether or not it should be taken down--err...for good. And such a debate is not what I am about to get into. But I will point out that the one thing that never sat right with me is how the page seems to be frequently used by it's creator as a tool for revenge on specific individuals.

If you're going to post mugshots, post 'em all. Don't hold back. Don't stop posting completely and then turn around and post mugshots for arrests made years ago. If it's all public record, let the folks go digging for themselves if they need to go that far back.

That's just me, though.

I'm not too worried about the fate of the Randall County Mugshots page, because if here's one thing we can bet on....it'll be back. They just want to keep everyone on their toes and that's fine....because they will. be. back.

But In the Meantime...

If you must have your gossipy mugshot fix, then don't fret. I've got something for you.

The Hutchinson County Mugshot page seems to be plenty active and they do post everyone who is arrested. I respect the non-discriminatory approach.

And here is what seems to be a brand spankin' new page for Gray County Mugshots. Now, Hutchinson County has insisted that they are not the same individuals as the ones running the Gray County page....but I suppose nothing would truly surprise me anymore.

There you go! Until the return of RCMS, you now have Borger and Pampa tea to partake in. Enjoy!


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