The chips hit the table and then the hot sauce.  Some Mexican restaurants will default to the red sauce and others will give you a choice. Enchiladas are being offered with red or green sauce more frequently.. What if you want both? You call it "Christmas."

I was having lunch with some friends last week and one of them mentioned, he had never heard of asking for "Christmas." At first I was surprised, as I've used that term most of my life. Growing up in El Paso, I learned to say :"Christmas" when I didn't want to make a choice. Or my choice was ....both!

If you decide to venture to Santa Fe or Albuquerque for the weekend and choose Mexican food for dinner, chances are high, that you'll be asked what sauce you want. Red? Green? Or Christmas? The magic of a red and green combination.

My years of chips and hot sauce experience, tells me, that green is usually hotter than red. Except for when it's not. The red enchilada sauce at Tomasita's in Santa Fe, is some of the hottest, I've ever had. Tacos Garcia offers a "New Mexico Red" sauce that's plenty spicy and I get it , everytime I'm there.

I carry on a family tradition every year, making my mom's red enchiladas on Christmas Eve and I've taught both of our boys to make it.  Hopefully, they'll carry it on to their families.

What is YOUR preference? Red, green, or Christmas? Let us know, in the comment section below.

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