Let no one be fooled, Amarillo is a pretty nice place to be if you happen to enjoy all things labeled "geek." There's something in Yellow City to pretty much cater to all fandoms and hobbies. This weekend, one of our much beloved and cherished conventions will be taking place.

AMA-CON is back, and it's only 3 days away!

What Is Amarillo's AMA-CON?

AMA-CON is one of Amarillo's annual pop-culture conventions. Gamers, geeks, nerds, and everyone and thing between will be able to find something they enjoy.

One of the hallmarks of events like these is the cosplay. Attendees dress up like characters from their favorite anime, video game, novel, you name it. It's also a chance to meet the occasional celebrity, and check out merchandise you might not usually find on a casual shopping excursion in Amarillo.

All in all, it's a multi-day event designed to cater to whichever "fandom" you belong, introduce you to new things, and help you make new friends along the way.

AMA-CON 2023 Is August 5 and 6

This year, AMA-CON will be held at the Amarillo Convention Center in the biggest exhibit halls that the building has to offer. There's a lot getting packed into those two days.

There are five separate cosplay contests. Panels will tackle topics on art, literature, and trivia. Of course, there will a lot of vendors on hand selling everything from comic books to steampunk jewelry.

There's even a Sketch Off, Art Show, gaming tournaments, demonstrations, free play, and the crown jewel of AMA-CON is back this year.

Make plans to be at Geek Prom.

Of course there will be celebrity guests making an appearance. You can find out more by following this link.

Admission is $8 for a 2-day pass, $5 for a single-day, which I think is beyond reasonable for a 2-day event. Kids 6 and under gain admission at no charge. In other words, free.

AMA-CON raises funds for programs not covered by taxpayer dollars. More info at their website.

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