With the Christmas season in full swing, you may be wondering where to find Santa in Amarillo. The good news is that the Texas panhandle keeps the Jolly Ol' Elf very buys. There are a lot of opportunities for the young, and young at heart, to see Santa before he makes his annual ride on Christmas Eve.

Here are places around Amarillo, Texas where you can see Santa that you might have missed.

Maxwell's Magical Christmas Amarillo, Texas

Every year, my kids and I go to Maxwell's around Christmas time and one of the things we make sure to do is see Santa. He even has his own area within Maxwell's Magical Christmas.

Check out their website for more info.

Hodgetown December 15 In Amarillo, Texas

Hodgetown will be having its Christmas event, Christmas In The Sky, on December 15. There are going to be a lot of activities that include getting to see Santa.

Get all of the details at this link.

6th Street/Route 66 In Amarillo

Tomorrow, Dec 8, there will be an event on 6th Street. It's called Elves Rocking On Route 66 and, yes, Santa will be there. Here's the link.

The Derrick In Amarillo, Texas

Gifts For Gals is a big shopping event, and the Man In Red is going to be there. The event sounds like it's going to be a pretty big one, so go see Santa and then be sure to take a little time to look around.

Netplex In Amarillo, Texas

This Saturday, Dec 9, Santa is going to be hanging out at the Netplex. Not only will there be photos with Santa, but there will be cookies as well.

Get more info here.

Public House In Amarillo, Texas

This is going to be one that cuts it close to the Christmas Eve deadline. Public House will be having an event on Dec 23, and Santa will be there. In fact, the event is Brunch With Santa.

It's a good idea to call ahead and make your reservation. Details at this link.

The Art Plug-In In Amarillo, Texas

This event is pretty interesting. There will be painting, and it is for the whole family. Not only will there be a chance for you to express your yuletide emotions on a canvas, but there are also cookies. It gets even better when Santa shows up. If there are cookies at Christmas, you know Santa is going to be somewhere nearby.

Here is the link with all of the details.

Hooters in Amarillo, Texas

Santa apparently likes wings, too. On Dec 11, Santa is going to be on the scene at Hooters. The event doesn't last long; just a couple of hours.

Here's a link with all the info.

More Places To See Santa In The Texas Panhandle

I am well aware that there has to be more events and opportunities to see Santa. If you know of something that didn't make it on the list, send us a note and we'll get it added for you.

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Amarillo Botanical Garden's Christmas in The Garden

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