Texas has a unique kind of hatred for horse thieves. Thieves are bad enough, but you get a horse involved and there's a special kind of hurt heading your way. Which is exactly what one individual may be soon finding out. It seems that a rodeo trick rider pulled off his greatest trick outside of the arena, and people are looking for answers while getting the authorities involved.

The Facebook group for victims of Landen James is full of horror stories. According to the allegations, this individual is responsible for scamming people out of thousands upon thousands of dollars. It involves selling horses and never delivering, selling stolen horses, selling stolen tack, and a whole host of other supposed crimes.

The big trick he has pulled off for the moment is disappearing. The current theory is that he's attempting to flee the state.

The saddest part of all of this is reading posts of individuals who have a horse that has gone missing, and desperately want to be reunited. Some of the stories are heartbreaking.

The encouraging thing is watching complete strangers come together to get these horses where they need to be, even at great personal cost.


Of course, law enforcement is supposedly involved. Everyone from the Grayson sheriff's office to the Texas Rangers are allegedly working to build a case. If this guy really did con this many people out of this much cash, he's going to be found.

The con also supposedly goes beyond just horses. He also supposedly conned those working alongside him, as well as lovers that he might have had. If all the stories come out true, it sounds like this individual might have swindled a large number of people. Some of those that worked alongside him claim that they haven't received pay.

Hopefully those who have missing horses are able to get peace and be reunited with their animals. Hopefully those who have been wronged will find justice.

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