Remember Landen James? Landen James was the guy accused of stealing horses and money from several people across the U.S. He supposedly conned people out of thousands upon thousands of dollars and even is accused of stealing horses and selling horses that didn't exist. The allegations are wild, and Landen's story has been compared to the likes of the "Tiger King".

The story just took a turn, and Landen James was finally arrested.

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Landen James On The Run, A Case Being Built, And A Manhunt

When we first came across the story of Landen's supposed crimes, he had pretty much disappeared. He had been working in the Tioga area as a horse trainer.  Supposedly, he had last been seen fleeing in the direction of an airport. After that, it was a game of hide and seek between him and the authorities.

It's a game that Landen apparently isn't too great at.

Alleged Horse Thief And Con Artist, Landen James, Arrested In The Caribbean

Authorities were able to track Landen down thanks to an anonymous tip, according to reports. Where does an alleged horse thief and con artist hide from authorities?

Apparently, they hide out in the Caribbean. To be more specific, they hide out in the U.S. Virgin Islands.

Authorities picked him up in St. Thomas. Supposedly, he was working at a restaurant. It's not exactly the best way to blend into a crowd and disappear. There's a lot of face-to-face time involved in working at a restaurant.

Supposedly, he's being accused of over $300,000 worth of theft.

Hopefully, this will bring some closure to the victims.

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