After a lot of waiting, and a lot of postponing, Thompson Park Pool finally opened up to the public over the weekend. Before the big day, though, scammers were already on social media pretending to be Amarillo's new aquatic center.

Do you remember the social media scams we saw earlier in the summer? Scammers created fake Facebook accounts posing as area businesses. They would send out friend requests and messages letting people know they won a contest.

The only problem is that the contests weren't real, and the links given to people had forms that ask for a lot of personal information before the prizes could be claimed. It sounds like a similar scam has been set up posing as Thompson Park Pool.

Thompson Park Pool took to social media to address the issue two whole days before they even opened to the public. In their post they mentioned that they ran no contest and awarded no winners.

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If you would like to follow the official Facebook page for Thompson Park Pool, use this link.

It's understandable how people could be tricked into thinking these scams could be legit, especially in the case of Thompson Park Pool. It would make sense for them to do a promotional give away, or something similar, for their big opening weekend.

Especially when you consider how long we've been waiting for it to open.

As is the case majority of the time, if it sounds too good to be is. Be really careful responding to any messages claiming you've won a prize you didn't sign up for. Always keep in mind that majority of the time businesses use a "business page" on Facebook, not a personal profile that requires friend requests to access.

Above all, be incredibly picky on who you share your personal info with.

Unfortunately, I doubt this is the last we're going to see of this style of scam.

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