Do you have teenage girls?  I don't, but my friends do and with most teenage girls they are all about looking good.  The perfect clothes, and the perfect make-up  are important to an high school teenager.  What would your teenager do if their High School banned make-up and mirrors?

That is what happened at a school in England.   Many of the girls were worried about how they looked and were fighting for places in front of the mirrors in the bathrooms.  Was their make-up OK, did they have enough concealer on that pesky pimple? The teachers were worried about how much time the girls spent worrying about looks and not their studies so the school stepped up and banned make-up and even removed the mirrors in the bathrooms temporarily.

According to an article on

The no-mirrors policy at Shelley College, a co-ed public school in northern England, came about around May because some girls were spending too much time in the loo, crowding the mirror to touch up their faces, says head teacher John McNally. They were even staying in there to eat lunch, making other girls feel uncomfortable when they had to walk through a crowd, he said.

“The makeup ban is about getting girls to focus on what’s important in school, which is learning and not being distracted with makeup and wanting to check it all the time,” McNally told TODAY Moms in a phone interview. “The mirror ban is to break a cycle where social groups started to emerge in the bathroom.”

Even though it is in England would this be a smart thing to do in our schools?  Do you think that our teenagers are more worried about how they look than paying attention to their school work?