You couldn't take a road trip growing up without hearing the screams of "slug bug", you knew following that you were going to get slugged. It was something we all played.

Volkswagen had a winner on their hands when it comes to being an iconic car that all kids loved to see. Almost as much fun as seeing a semi and trying to get them to honk with a motion of your arm. Oh, those were the days.

If you want to relive your slug bug childhood days you will have that chance. You can see a whole parking lot full of them. Oh it's a celebration. You will be able to tour the lot and see classic Volkswagen Beetles and some of the newer ones. It really is a sight.

They didn't get to have this fun last year but I have been to several of the car shows over the year. You can go this year. All you have to do is head over to Street Volkswagen - 8707 Pilgrim Drive here in Amarillo on Saturday, October 16th. The show will begin at 10am and last most of the day.  It's a Slug Bug fan dream come true.

attachment-Slug Bugs

Bring the family by and grab lunch too on your busy Saturday. They will also have music and prizes. It really is a fun time. So make sure this is one of those fun activities that you put on your calendar.

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