A few days ago Amarillo Hockey fans got the news that the Bulls were moving on from the Yellow City. The official statement from the team was that they couldn't come to terms with the city. It doesn't seem to help that there are questions about the future of the Civic Center as plans and proposals are still floating around. The team will finish out the season here in Amarillo before moving on to the cosmopolitan paradise that is Mason City, Iowa. I'm sure there are plenty of fine folks there and the weather looks nice too:

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Well there are two sides to each story and the City of Amarillo came out swinging earlier today challenging a few things the Bulls put in their release, the biggest takeaway being a lack of communication between the two groups. According to the city, they only knew of the bulls leaving through media reports as no officials with the team have reached out to the city or offered notice. Let's face it you gotta give notice, I don't think I've ever had a job that didn't require two weeks' notice when you're gonna leave. what makes this any different.

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The second point the city threw out there and this is the same thing, lack of communication, was that the Bulls never reached out to them for a deal other than the 2020 agreement that was in place. The city manager Jared Miller even checking in

“Last year, we worked hard and offered the Bulls the most favorable contract in the South Division of the North American Hockey League, We are more than willing to negotiate a new multi-year agreement with them, but my job is to protect the taxpayers. In their current contract, the team is very heavily subsidized and we are not willing to continuously increase the team’s burden on operating expenses for the Civic Center.”

Ah... there it is... Money... it all comes down to the all mighty dollar. and when the city is saying they aren't interested in footing the bill... why would you even try and reach out?

Maybe the city should have left it as it was, the team was leaving and that was that. So is hockey done in Amarillo? Not quite at least according to the city. supposedly they are working with the North American Hockey League to bring another team in as there are many "interested owners." I got ya... it's the same thing you hear out of someone who got dumped... "I got plenty of folks who would love to be with me!"

I get that there are two sides to each story but the city may have shot itself in the foot on this one.

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