When we found out last season that the Amarillo Bulls were moving away a lot of the fans were sad. Oh and rightfully so. Though, it wasn't long before we got the news we were wanting to hear. A new "old" team back in Amarillo.

The Amarillo Wranglers were coming back as a team in Amarillo. Oh that was music to our ears. They have already started playing this year and have been successful so far.

Now it is time to meet them all up close and personal. How you ask? A great event called Hocktoberfest. You see what they did there, didn't you? They are combining Hockey with Octoberfest for a great time.

Hocktoberfest is happening Sunday, October 17th, from 3pm - 6pm at Amarillo Ice Ranch - 301 S Grant. What can you expect from Hocktoberfest?

There will be food. Expect to find Bratwurst and beer. What kind of Octoberfest would it be without that? You can also meet the Amarillo Wranglers. You will be able to take a tour of the locker room. You can get some inside information from the coaches.

Have you got your Amarillo Wranglers gear yet? Well if not there will be some great limited edition merchandise up for grabs during this event. If that is not enough you can enjoy some tailgating and ice skating. Oh and don't forget the prizes you can win.

You can get your tickets HERE. The early bird special will save you some money. Tickets now will cost you $25 each or $40 for two. If you wait to get your tickets at the door you still can, they will just go up in price. At the door will be $30 or $50 for two.

credit: Amarillo Wranglers
credit: Amarillo Wranglers

Your ticket to the event will get you food, beer and one ticket to an upcoming Wranglers game of your choice.

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