I grew up in an area where knowing how to ice skate was a thing. The local park would flood a baseball field where we could ice skate. Then I moved to Amarillo. I didn't know many people who could ice skate.

I was excited when I started working for the Amarillo Bulls and saw how many kids knew how to ice skate in the area. I love it. How do they learn how to skate? Where are they taking lessons? Have we ever had a place to learn? I know there had been open skating after Bulls games.

That may not be the best place to learn but it is an option. Now Amarillo has a better option. I love this. We have a new skating rink in the name of The Amarillo Ice Ranch. They are located at 301 S Grant. With a new rink comes new opportunities for Amarillo.

One of those great opportunities is the fact that we will have ice skating lessons. Whether you are a beginner or more advanced they have the opportunity for you to learn.

What's even better is lessons start in July. You know in the dead of summer. What better way to escape the heat then getting in a little ice skating action. The price of the skate rental will be included in the cost of the lessons.

credit: Amarillo Ice Skating School FB
credit: Amarillo Ice Skating School FB

If you are a pretty good skater and want to learn the fine art of ice dance classes that is an option too. What a thing to knock off your bucket list. Learn to skate this summer in Amarillo. Click HERE to learn more about signing up.

The Abandoned St. Anthony's Hospital on Amarillo Boulevard

The 119-year-old abandoned hospital is a fascinating place for any who are lucky enough to be granted the chance to explore.

The sprawling building saw thousands of Amarillo's citizens inside its halls daily, all the the way until it was shuttered in 2001. But there are still incredible artifacts of the all-too-recent past tucked away in the nooks and crannies of the old St. Anthony.

The explorer who took these photographs gave the following information:

"Many rooms were left untouched, we found patient files, old prescriptions, a blood transfusion machine from the 60s, and microscopic slides of breast cancer from the 70s and 80s. I put one picture in here of some heart scans so you can see the dates and diagnosis of the patient, but marked out the patient’s names of course. During a time when mental illness was not understood, 76 exorcisms were documented to have been performed between 1909 and 1931."

Take a look inside the halls of the legendary abandoned St. Anthony's hospital


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