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Recently, I covered the amount of city-wide attention the Sod Poodle name is getting. Local businesses have jumped in on the jokes, and social media is rife with memes. There is even unofficial merch available for purchase. Reddit and Facebook both now have groups and pages devoted to the Sod Poodle.

Taking it all one step further is local song-smith, Carson Leverett. Carson took it upon himself to write a song lauding the Sod Poodles.

I decided to reach out to Leverett to see what about the Sod Poodles would inspire him to write a folk ballad in their honor.

So a friend of mine, Stacy Scheller, asked me to write the song last Friday, June 1 and I made it up before lunch the next day. I sent it to him and he said I needed another verse at the end, so I added the spoken word part on Sunday. I still don't really know the words to the tune. I wrote the song because the name Sod Poodles really grew on me and I wanted to cast it in a positive light. I think it is a good name from many perspectives, especially marketing. I have friends all around the country that want Sod Poodle hats and shirts. It's just fun, which is the essence of AA ball.

I asked Carson how long he's been working on his songwriting chops and he responded;

I have been writing songs my whole life since maybe high school, as a hobby. I tell people that have heard my stuff that I don't really write songs, I just make stuff up.

The video has garnered several views on YouTube, and the likes outweigh the dislikes. It looks as if the "Saga Of The Sod Poodles" is far from over.

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