If you have kids then I'm sure at one point in time you have seen SpongeBob SquarePants.   It is one of those shows where  if your kids aren't in a room and it's on then you, as an adult, find yourself sucked in and watching.  I have no idea how they do that.  Well a new episode will be airing on Monday night and in this episode SpongeBob gets fired and for some reason it has created all sorts of political debate.

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If you know the show, you know how cheap (and I mean cheap), Mr. Krabs is, it is crazy what he will do to save a nickel.  Well on this episode he is wanting to do just that and fires SpongeBob over a nickel.  Watch a preview of the episode below.

So, from what we have seen from the preview,  Mr. Krabs is only worried about a nickel and fires a hard working employ to save that nickel, while letting a lazy employee keep their job because of seniority.  Then we see Patrick who doesn't work and likes getting stuff for free.  Well apparently this has sparked political debate on several news outlets.


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So my question is, has SpongeBob gone to far by stepping in the political mud, or is this just another episode?

I mean SpongeBob has had to stop working at the Krusty Krab before, but he always goes back.

I'm sure Mr. Krabs will rehire him at a reduced rate, because that is what Mr. Krabs does.

The new episode airs this Monday, November 11th at 8pm (double check your guide). I know we'll be watching it because E. loves SpongeBob.

What do you think?