Everyone feels stressed, even in Amarillo, Texas. It seems like it hits you from every direction. It can come from work. It can come from family. One of the worst parts about stress is that it can rob you of having a good night's rest. A study was recently done to see what we're stressing over so badly that it's robbing us of sleep.

What Are You Stressing About That Is Keeping You From Sleeping?

A recent study conducted by MattressNextDay sought to find out what keeps us awake at night. They contacted several Texans and found that the number one thing we're stressed about so badly is...whether or not we forgot to do something.

There have been plenty of nights I've laid awake wondering if I've left a coffee pot on at the office. I get it. In the study, 20% of us claimed things we might have forgotten as the number one thing stressing us out so bad we can't sleep.

The Top 5 Things Stressing Us Out And Keeping Us Awake

The study found the top 5 things stressing us out and keeping us awake. They are:

  • Randomly thinking about something you forgot to do that day - 20%
  • Worries that you'll oversleep or miss your alarm - 19%
  • Worries about your to-do list for the next day - 15%
  • Worrying about work the next day - 15%
  • Thinking someone is in your home - 9%

I've had nights when I've stressed about each one of these. Most of the time it's more than one at a time.

How To Beat Stress At Bedtime

What's interesting is that women stressed about these issues more than men, except for one category. The only time it seemed that men were stressed more than women was when it came to stressing about work the next day.

There are three tips given on how to overcome bedtime stress. First, write down your concerns before bed. Supposedly, it helps you unload your worries and clear your mind. Second, get a weighted blanket to help with anxiety. Last, try mindfulness or meditation techniques. These will supposedly help you create a peaceful mindset.

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