I never really took part in the Spring Break traditions. In high school I used that week to relax. Heck in college I did too!

I never had the time or money to go somewhere for fun. We never had a Spring Break in Chicago. We had some time off at Easter. It was not a Spring Break. When I moved here in the 7th grade I was told Spring Break was to go off skiing.

Then MTV started having their Spring Break specials and I saw that NOT many of those people were off skiing.

A couple years ago my daughter wanted to go to South Padre for Spring Break. She has, for the most part, been pretty responsible. She found a group of girls to go and they started looking for places to stay.

Please help me not lose my mind as my daughter takes her first Spring Break trip! (The fact that I haven't lost it so far after planning and paying for it is beyond me!....I am a saint after all!) :) -Melissa 2017

Being mom I did not want them to stay far. With paying for parking and the gas it would cost...it made more sense to stay on the beach. Finding a place that would rent to the under 21 girls turned out to me more of a task.

I did finally find an AirBNB that I could get for them. I loved it because at Spring Break time you HAVE to have a wristband to get in. So nobody can just show up to house and party or stay. That is a great mom reliever. They were also on the beach and could walk most places.

I rented them a car (it was supposed to be a mini van. Nothing screams NOT cool more than that). We needed a vehicle to fit all 6 of them and luggage. When we went to pick up the car a mini van was not available so they got themselves a cooler Ford Expedition. Strike one against mom plans!

credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM
credit: Melissa Bartlett, TSM

Their big plans were to see Lil Wayne and Migos in concert at Clayton's Bar. That turned out to be a fiasco because as Spring Breakers do.....a few of them (including my daughter) had a bit too much to drink.....and ended up leaving before the show started.

Oh and her phone was about dead.....so she had to call me to get in touch with her friends to find her. It was a stressful week for mom. All in all, they had a great time! Enjoyed the beach. Enjoyed the experience.

It was a week of stress for mom. They made it to and from without any drama.. So life was good! Oh and my daughter even brought me home a few souvenirs!

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