People from Texas are historically regarded as being some of the friendliest people you can find. It's a mixture of Southern manners and general hospitality that gives Texans that reputation. We open doors for people. We say, sir and ma'am. When it comes to apologies though, good luck getting a Texan to say sorry.

New Study Reveals Texans Are Among Those Who Apologize The Least

A recent study was done by Preply to see which states apologize the most, and which ones are best at it. According to their findings, Texans aren't keen to apologize. Chalk it up to Texan pride, I guess.

The study ranks Texas as the 7th state to say sorry the least. Texans say sorry, on average, 2.7 times per day. The state that says sorry the most, Iowa, almost doubles that.

If You Get An Apology From Someone In Texas, It's Genuine

The study goes on to look at the "quality" of the apologies given. When it comes to Texas, you can take any apology you get all the way to the bank. At least, that's what the study shows.

When it comes to giving a sincere apology, Texas ranks 11th in the county for being the most sincere. So, while it might be tough for you to get an apology from a Texan, just know that it means something when you do. Apparently, we don't go handing them out all willy-nilly.

It goes back to the Southern charm and hospitality blending with Texan pride. We might not be willing to admit that when we were wrong, but when we do it means a whole lot. Find out more from the study here.

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