The Texas Panhandle is home to some of the weirdest art installments, just randomly placed in fields.

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We have Cadillac Ranch, the giant legs, a leaning water tower, and a giant cowboy, and those are just to name a few.

Now, we can add a penguin to this list.

Where the heck did a penguin come from?

This penguin appeared in a field on the I-40 E frontage road, just east of Blessen Rd.  He's just a bit west of Cadillac Ranch.  He's just sitting in the field chilling.  Well, he can't be chilling in this scorching heat.  I mean did anyone tell this penguin, just how hot it gets here in Amarillo these days.

This penguin's name is Pippy the Penguin.

That's all I know about this penguin.

According to Google User, June Kovysn:

The history of Pippy the Penguin, as far as it has been reconstructed, began generations ago. It is a treasured family heirloom with scores of family tales surrounding its transfer of stewardship through the generations. Each new steward of Pippy the Penguin safeguards the legacy with tender care..
While there is certainly an associated stipend, the extent of the pecuniary endowment is unknown outside the succession of stewards. The appellation “Pippy the Penguin” is of relatively recent origin. Unconfirmed rumors link the name to the ancestral matriarch, Philippa of Lancaster. This unsettled family attachment does, however, gain credence in the light of the generous stipend.
The current steward has munificently shared this precedently sequestered objet d’art with the public. The family requests the proper demure respect, an approach far different from the spray-painted desecration of other nearby attractions.

Hmmm, that's feasible, isn't it? Or...

Is he a penguin agent for the CIA, or is he a penguin spy for the KGB?  Obviously, I watch way too much TV. 

Did Pippy come to the Texas Panhandle in hopes of being a Cowboy Penguin?  

I can't quite figure Pippy out?  Either he is smiling at you or he's giving you a creepy gaze.  I haven't figured that one out yet.

Gary Boyett/TSM Amarillo
Gary Boyett/TSM Amarillo

Is Pippy just a friendly fun-loving penguin sitting in a field to brighten the day of passersby or is there more to Pippy than we know?

Does Pippy stand there hoping one day, someone will come in and build an aquarium where he stands so he can swim with his buddies?

You know Amarillo really could use an awesome aquarium and Pippy sits in the perfect empty field for an attraction like an aquarium.

I'm just guessing here but I assume that Pippy is a penguin from the Spheniscus and Eudyptula species because those are the penguins live in a warmer climate.  Obviously, Pippy is not a cold-weather penguin.

Maybe Pippy is sitting on an egg waiting patiently for a baby Pippy?  Just sitting and waiting for it to hatch while his mate is off doing her thing.

Who knows?

What's the story Pippy the Penguin?

It looks as if Pippy has been injured, is it just me or is he missing a flipper?  Someone HELP Pippy!

Gary Boyett/TSM Amarillo
Gary Boyett/TSM Amarillo

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