806 Health Tip: Gross Hotel Spots
If you spend any time in a hotel you have to know that there are some places and things you want to stay away from. Or at least make sure you grab your disinfectant wipes. Of course there are items that everyone who has stayed in the room has touched.
Now You Can Stay In a Barbie Themed Hotel
Just about every little girl had a dream to be just like Barbie.  As long as Barbie has been around little girls have grown up playing with her and her friends.  You would dream that one day you would live in a house just like hers.  Well, it might not be her house, but now you can st…
Let Your Flock Stay in Style at The Chicken Hotel
I understand how some people like to spoil their pet animals.  Hence the reason dog spas have popped up all over the place.  However, I really never thought that a chicken would be constituted as a pet?  I know growing up, my grandparents raised chickens but it was for food.  Do folks in the UK have…