If you spend any time in a hotel you have to know that there are some places and things you want to stay away from. Or at least make sure you grab your disinfectant wipes. Of course there are items that everyone who has stayed in the room has touched.

One of the germy items would be the remote control. Yeah that could use a good wipe down. Everyone who stays in the room turns the TV on. Who knows how many germ laced fingers have touched the remote.

The light switch would have to be another item you might consider washing down. How about the door knobs? You know everyone touches that too. If you are a person who hates being in contact with germs you know there are other items that can be swamped with those nasty germs and bacteria.

Have you thought about those conveniences they have for you? Just think about the hair dryer or the coffee maker. They can make your stay more enjoyable but they can also get you sick with all the people who have used them before you.

You may have also realized that even the bedspread can be a hot mess. I mean you know they wash the sheets every time but what about the bedspread? Nope, not so much.

Is there a spot that can even be more contaminated with germs? Probably a spot you never even thought about. How about that chair that is just sitting there in the corner. You know the one I am talking about.

Usually they are made of those hard to clean fabrics. So you know they are not cleaned that often if ever. Plus you can imagine how much dirty stuff gets thrown on that chair. People throw their bags on the chair. Maybe even their dirty clothes. So that chair carries germs that you can not even imagine.


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