Everyone loves their pets. In fact, we're all familiar with someone referring to their pet as their "baby" or "fur baby." According to a new study, that's taken on a whole new meaning.

Our friends at ABC 7 recently reported on a study that found almost a quarter of Texas parents have chosen "pet parenthood" over having kids.

It seems outlandish at first, but when you factor in the costs associated with having a baby, pets do seem cheaper. The hospital costs alone are insane. Factor in clothes, food, daycare, doctor's appointments...you get the picture.

3,800 couples were surveyed. 23.9% of them said that they're are picking pets over kids. What is really odd is the number of sick days people would take on average to take care of their pets.

According to the study, men take more days off than women. Men take 3.8 days off compared to women's 3.5 days off to care for a pet.

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