It's true that everything is bigger in Texas, including our world records. made a list of some world records held by each state in America. There are some common things on the list, like longest fingernails (28 feet) and oldest living cat (25 years).

There are also several unusual things on the list. For instance, South Dakota holds the world record for the most wins of the Mashed Potato Wrestling Championship and New York holds the world record for the most expensive wedding for pets.

Texas could not be beat at being the best, so it seems that we took our chance to break some really strange world records.

Here are the records currently held in Texas:

  • Largest gingerbread house - 39,201.8 cubic feet
  • Tallest free-standing house of cards - 25 feet 9 inches
  • Largest electric guitar - 43 feet 7.5 inches
  • Fastest sandwich made using feet - 1 minute 57 seconds
  • Most tennis balls held in the mouth of a dog - 5 tennis balls
  • Longest freestyle rap - 17 hours 7 seconds
  • Most prolific cat - produced 420 kittens
  • Largest Frito pie - 1,325 lbs
  • Dog with largest eyes - 28 millimeters in diameter
  • Most breast milk donated - 53,081 fluid ounces

Amarillo currently holds the world record for the fastest consumption of three 72-ounce steaks. It was completed by Molly Schuyler at The Big Texan last year.

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