French rally-car driver Guerlain Chicherit attempted to set a new record for longest ramp jump of all time, but it ended in a horrific crash—all of it captured on GoPro video.

In Tignes, France, Chicerit was trying to break Tanner Foust's record jump of 332 feet with a jump of 360 feet. The attempt failed, as the car hit the ramp and tumbled repeatedly. Chicerit, 35, was somehow able to walk away from the crash, but he did go to the hospital for evaluation.

On Facebook, he let his fans know that he was feeling okay, writing, "I have to stay [in] the hospital for the night just for safety. I'm all OK."

In the above video, you can jump to about the 7:30 mark to see the crash. Below is a composite of several photographs of the failed jump:

Guerlain Chicherit - World Record Attempt
Richard Bord/Getty Images


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