When I was in high school in good ol' Canyon, Texas, one of the most sought after jobs was heading to Palo Duro Canyon and working for TEXAS Outdoor Musical Drama. A lot of my friends worked out in the Canyon.

They had so much fun. I didn't get that opportunity but I always wanted to. I didn't really work in high school. Didn't mean I didn't want to. Hearing all of my friends who either worked in the gift shop or worked hospitality. That was the job for a lot of high school students who had a car and license.

They all made a lot of friends. They had a lot of fun. They got first hand experience working as a team. I saw the announcement the other day that if you or your high school student is looking for a job now is the chance to apply.

Just knowing that you have Palo Duro Canyon and the amphitheater as your office what an experience. If you have a smile and have the time this could be just the job of a lifetime.

TEXAS Outdoor Musical - Looking for outgoing, friendly, hard working people for our 2021 summer season. We are hiring part time positions for both our main office in Canyon, Tx and down in Palo Duro Canyon State Park Pioneer Amphitheater for the Box Office, Gift Shop and Hospitality positions. Some Box Office positions start as early as beginning to mid May. Employee must be available for the entire summer season. Regular schedule is around May 29 - Aug 14, 2021. Applications MUST BE SUBMITTED through website

Apply now here for your dream summer job in Palo Duro Canyon.


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