Hurricane Harvey has wreaked havoc on the Gulf Coast of Texas and has caused devastation in Houston and the surrounding areas.  Now is the time we come together, we want to help our fellow Texans, our fellow brother and sisters in this disaster.  However, when it comes to giving to a cause like this, the Better Business Bureau offers some tips on what to consider when making a donation.

Severe Flooding Continues In Houston Area
Getty Images/Bob Levey / Stringer

When it comes to disasters, people are around and available to help, however, there are people who will take advantage of the situation.  So when it comes to making a donation what can you do to be sure that the organization you are giving to is legitimate.

Here's a few tips that might help you decide:

Ask if the charity or agency has a presence at the sight of the disaster and if not on sight then in the area.

Always ask if the charity if providing direct air or are they just raising money for other groups.  Don't go through a middleman, always give directly to those charities who have presence in the disaster area.  Be wary of crowdfunding websites, always know the source of the funding.

Be suspicious of those that claim 100% of donations will assist relief victims.


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