If you have ever been in a kitchen and cooked at some point in time, then I'm sure you have had some kind of cooking disaster.  I know from my past I have had a few.


One of my biggest cooking disasters just happened to be around Christmas one year.   I was cooking up some cinnamon candy.  I was going to make lollipops and had out to friends and family.  I had the stuff cooking in the pan and it was done, I had the cinnamon to the right flavor and consistency.  Then it was time to pour the liquid candy into molds.  I was doing fine until the pan slipped and the candy went all over my hands.  OUCH!  Luckily it wasn't bad enough to warrant a trip to the hospital but my hands were blistered for weeks.

At least the candy turned out OK and it didn't even taste like burnt flesh.

Macy called in this morning and said that she was making some microwave popcorn in college and burnt it so bad they had to call the Fire Department.  They had to evacuate the dorm as well.  She said she isn't allowed to make popcorn anymore.

What was one of the worst kitchen disasters you have experienced?  Have you ever set the kitchen on fire?  Did you cook something only to cut into it at the dinner to table to find it was raw.

Share your stories with us.