I'll be the first to admit I am not a fan of microwave popcorn.  I just don't like it.  I'll microwave my own popcorn, a brown lunch bag, and 1/4 c. of kernels cooked for 2 minutes.  However, on Sunday, I decided to pan cook some popcorn.

Lori Crofford

So I pulled out my dutch over and covered the bottom with some olive oil and threw in two corn kernels.  My son started yelling at me to come here so, I walked out of the kitchen and walked back in a few minutes later.

They say the oil is ready when the kernel pops, so I had stepped out long enough so I leaned my head just a bit over the pan when to check and see if they had popped when I was gone. POP!  Oh yeah, the kernel popped and drops of oil went flying.  One hit me under my eye, one in my nostril and the other hit my ear.  Luckily I had my glasses on so they didn't heat my eye.  I just have a small red mark under my eye that hurts like the dickens.

That was my stupid move of the day.  Ouch!

So after the initial pain of little droplets of oil hitting my face, I covered the bottom of the pan in kernels and within 3 minutes I had some yummy popcorn that E and I enjoyed, despite the mishap.

Next time I won't be looking over the pan to check. In fact I may just go back to cooking it in the microwave.   What a stupid move on my part.