There are plenty of weird urban legends that exist in Texas. We have all kinds of strange creatures, haunted highways, and unexplained phenomena. Some of the weirdest things I've heard though have to do with shoplifting from Walmart.

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Yes, They Do Care If You Shoplift

The myth that made me fall down an internet rabbit hole for way too long went something like this; Walmart doesn't care if you shoplift. I've honestly never heard something so dumb in all of my life. They absolutely do care, and they will more than likely catch you.

Major Retailers Will Supposedly Build A Case Against You

If you think you're getting away with shoplifting, you're not. Supposedly, many major retailers will actually keep tabs on repeat offenders. Then, once you've finally hit felony levels of shenanigans, they'll get you.

Supposedly, these retailers have facial recognition technology and build dossiers on people who are repeat offenders. While you may think you've gotten away with it, the inside of the store isn't the only place with cameras. There are cameras outside too. They're all over the place.

Shoplifting Is Dumb. Don't Do It.

The fines and possible jail time are no joke. These companies aren't going to let you get away with it. You might get away with it once or twice, but in the end, you'll get caught.

Plus, it's probably going to get a little bit tougher to pull off now that a lot of places are scaling back on their devotion to self-checkout. Just don't do it.

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