It's always fascinating what you wind up discovering when a lake's water levels drop. As a kid, the lake I grew up going to had a town at the bottom of it. When the water level dropped to a certain level, you'd be able to see foundations of homes that had been washed away.

Canyon Lake in Texas is finally giving up its secrets thanks to record low waters.

No one, especially those of us who prefer to live on the water, gets excited about low water levels. Especially the record breaking kind. It's heartbreaking to watch your favorite spot's water level drop. All I'm doing right now, is trying to put a positive twist on it.

Speaking of twists, Canyon Lake is seeking record low water levels. This has revealed some secrets the lake had kept hidden for a very long time.

The most talked about secret at the moment is the sight of one of the rumored underwater caves finally seeing the light of day, and not from under water.

The cave looks like something you'd see in an episode of Scooby Doo. Jagged rock formations make it look like a mouth, ready to devour whatever may be foolish enough to go poking around where it doesn't belong.

Also appearing are remnants of towns that were lost to the bottom of the lake when it was formed. Much like the lake I grew up at, there are foundations of houses lost to the deep getting a little bit more sunshine than they're used to.

Canyon Lake swallowed the towns of Cranes Mill, TX and Hancock, TX. Cranes Mill had a population of about 25 in the 40s, according to TSHA. Hancock had a population of around 40 in the 50s before being lost to the lake.

Fingers crossed that Canyon Lake gets its water levels back up to where they belong. Until that happens, it will be interesting to see what other secrets decide to surface.

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