The High Plains Food Bank is reaching out to you and asking for help.  They are experiencing a decline in their summer donations.  With families taking vacations and people doing things in the summer.  Donations are lacking for the food bank.

High Plains Food Bank

According to Executive Director, Zack Wilson

  “Our summer donations have declined, leaving a fundraising gap of $150,000, And without adequate funds to purchase food for our partner agencies to distribute, needs will go unmet – especially in our rural communities, where around 60% of our food is distributed.”


The High Plains Food Bank services the top 29 counties in the Texas Panhandle.  Right now the High Plains Food Bank is experiencing a $150,000 gap.

The food inventory at the food bank is down 44% from this time last year.  This decrease impacts the agencies that the food bank serves.

“Our partners purchase food from us at a fraction of retail pricing,” Wilson said, “And when we don’t have proper food supply and selection, agencies have to look elsewhere to purchase food – at a much higher cost. If that cost doesn’t fit into their monthly budget, the reality is those needs may go unmet.”

HPFB can purchase about $10.00 worth of grocery items for every dollar donated.   The Food Bank serves over 8,000 households each month.