I cannot stand bugs or spiders.   Luckily, here's a list of cities to avoid if you have a thing about spiders, bees, bugs etc.

--RATS. In a study back in 2007, New York City had the most rats in the country.  Possibly as many as 100 MILLION.  Houston came in second, and Boston was third.

--KILLER BEES. Angry, Africanized killer bees first showed up in the U.S. in Hidalgo, Texas in 1990.  And since then, it's remained the killer bee capital of the country.

--ALLERGENS. Dayton, Ohio ranked the highest for allergens in a study that looked at pollen scores and the number of allergy medicines used per capita.  Wichita, Kansas is second, and Louisville, Kentucky is third.

--SHARKS. New Smyrna Beach, Florida has had the most shark attacks of any city in the U.S., with 219 confirmed attacks since 1882.

--BEDBUGS. Based on a study by Terminix, New York City has the most bedbugs in the country.  Philadelphia has the second most.  But on a state-by-state level, Ohio has the most bedbugs in the U.S.

--BUGS. There hasn't been a study done on a city level, but by state, Florida has the highest level of cockroaches, ants, and termites.  Louisiana is second, and Texas is third.

(U.S. News & World Report)