What is your formula for the "Perfect" Christmas? Does it include snow? Movies? Lots of family? A new survey has defined what most people call their "perfect" Christmas. You might be surprised at how traditional we still are..

If your kids are looking to see what Santa Claus brought, they could be up at 5 AM. But most people say the perfect time to wake up on Christmas morning, is 7:56 AM. After they clear the sleep from their eyes, they want to see ONE real Christmas tree.

The "Perfect" Christmas will include 7 presents for you. Not 6. Not 8. But 7. Your kids will forgive Santa if the new bike isn't wrapped or if you have a Porsche in the driveway. But wrap up the socks and underwear and the cool presents too! People love to open presents. Exactly 7 of them.

What does the weather like on your perfect Christmas. A lot of panhandle folks will head to Jamaica, the Cayman Islands, or any where with a beach and plenty of sun. The survey says most of us, want 4 inches of snow. Not 3...not 13...but 4. I  suppose most of us would like it gone, by December 26th.

Movies are important on Christmas day. Most people say they want to watch 5 "Christmas movies.  "A Christmas Story" runs over and over for 24 hours on TBS. Then what? "It's A Wonderful Life?" "Die Hard?" Personally I like "The Lemon Drop Kid" with Bob Hope.

Family is important to us for Christmas. The survey said we want, as many family members together as possible. Our oldest son will be here from Austin, but our Marine can't make it for Christmas this year. Maybe next year.

Finally, the survey said most people want Christmas dinner at 2:33 PM. If Mom is doing the cooking, she doesn't have to worry about getting up before the sun comes up, to get that turkey roasting.

What is YOUR perfect Christmas? Let us know in the comments below!

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