Recently, while talking about how excited we are about football this year, a friend of mine mentioned Chubby Grigg. I had never heard of Chubby, and was amazed to find out he was a pro-football player that was famous for more than football.

Supposedly, this Texas pro-football player was famous for catfish, and murder.

Chubby Grigg And The NFL

Chubby Grigg was a mountain of a man. He weighed 330lbs when he was signed with the Buffalo Bisons in the AAFC. He played a bit in 1946, but snagged time on the pine due to his weight.

r.cedeno via eBay
r.cedeno via eBay

He would eventually wind up with the Cleveland Browns, and was playing for them when they were absorbed by the NFL. He actually played in the championship game they won against the LA Rams in 1950.

After that, he would play for the Dallas Texans before leaving the NFL.

Chubby Grigg, Catfish, And Murder

Post NFL, Chubby moved to the small town of Ore City, Texas. It's a town that, today, has a population hovering around 1,000...give or take. It was there that he would open a restaurant.

Chubby's restaurant was supposedly really well liked. In fact, it was supposedly famous in the whole county for one thing...the catfish. I believe it. When it comes to eating, I'm definitely trusting the 300lb former NFL pro.

Fair Use
Chubby Grigg; Fair Use

From the information I've been able to dig up, Chubby's restaurant was around for about 18 years before he decided to sell it and retire. That was in 1972. In 1976, Chubby would be in the papers again.

That was the year he shot and killed his own son. According to news reports at the time, on Halloween night, Chubby shot his 20-year-old son over his son's drug abuse.

Papers Said It Was The Act Of A Father Who Lost Hope

Grigg, according to this news article, claimed he actually committed the act for his son. Almost as if it was an act of mercy. He said his son had no ambition, couldn't keep a job, and just spent his money on marijuana, valium, and cheap wine.

The jury in the trial was split, and Chubby changed his plea to guilty to involuntary manslaughter. He got five years probation.

In October of 1983, Chubby Grigg died in Ore City, Texas.

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