Amarillo has a lot going for it. We have people from the area who has made it as actors, actors, and even sports heroes. It's always great to see Amarillo being mentioned for the good it brings and not just the bad.

That being said it was great seeing that a Palo Duro alumni has gotten the call to join the NFL. This is a great story. One that you can learn is that it doesn't matter where you start only where you finish.

This is a story that is having a great next chapter at least.

It started with Lo Van Pham being born in Vietnam. He and his family were in a few different refugee camps before making a trip that moved them all to Amarillo. The family had a lot of work ahead of them.

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They had to learn a new language and a new culture. None of that stopped them. Lo Van Pham was a graduate of Palo Duro High School where he also played football. After graduation Pham has had a career that included him officiating for the Big 12 conference for several years.

The NFL has now hired ten new on-field officials. One being Pham. If this story is not enough Pham is actually the very first Asian American game official. Once someone who couldn't even speak the language has now got the big call up to the NFL.

This is just a reminder again that it doesn't matter the beginning of the story. You can always find a way to change the ending and make it the way you want.

Pham is finding ways to keep his love of football and love for officiating alive and well. All it took was that first step and that move to Amarillo for him and his family.

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