Let's face it, we are proud to be Texans and we step up when it comes to taking care of our neighbors in need.

In 2017 people in the Texas Panhandle stepped it up and took care of those neighbors and friends who are food insecure.

In 2017 the High Plains Food Bank distributed over 8.2 million pounds of food!   It was through your generosity and your donations, that gave the HPFB the chance to feed our neighbors.

Now we are in 2018, and the numbers will grow.  The High Plains Food Bank is there to help those food insecure families.  These are families who are hard working and live paycheck to paycheck and sometimes have to sacrifice groceries to pay utilities or pay for gas for the car to get to work.  These are those seniors on limited income who have to choose to pay for a prescription in order to live or to buy groceries.  These are our neighbors.

So thank you for your generosity in 2017, and keep those neighbors in mind in 2018.  The High Plains Food Bank can always use donations year round to help them serve over 9,000 households each month.


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