We're pretty fortunate in the Texas panhandle when it comes to corn mazes. We have more than one option, and they cater to pretty much whatever it is you're looking for. If you want a massive maze to explore, we've got it. Want something that caters more to the little ones in your family? We've got you covered. Leonard Farms and Maxwell's Pumpkin Farm both have plenty to offer, and they both have incredible mazes.

Here are the top 5 pros and cons of Texas panhandle corn mazes.

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1. Texas Panhandle Corn Mazes Are For The Children

One of the best pros of visiting the corn maze, is that it gives the kids a chance to go exploring and have some fun, all while you sit back and enjoy your peace and quiet. The big con to this is that you're probably going to have to go find them, or risk sitting and waiting for a lot longer than you wanted too.

2. Texas Panhandle Corn Mazes Great For Getting Outdoors

An obvious, yet still major pro to spending time in a corn maze is that it gets you outdoors. Sunshine. Breeze. Fresh air. The con is that you're outdoors in the Texas panhandle, so you have no idea what to expect. You could wind up in the freezing cold. It might be blazing hot. There could be rain followed by a blizzard that turns into a heat wave. Good luck.

3. Texas Panhandle Corn Mazes Are Intellectually Stimulating

While corn mazes are fun and entertaining, they can also give your grey matter a little work out. You've got to navigate all the twists and turns, use a map, and keep your wits about you. You need to be able to stay calm under pressure. A good intellectual workout is a definite pro.

The con to this is when you finally put your pride aside long enough to admit your lost and have no idea how the hell to get back to the entrance, and the panic sets in. How many times have you passed this one corn stalk? Will you ever find your way out? Will you be discovered by children who are religious zealots that want to take you back to their town that is free from adult influence?

2. Texas Panhandle Corn Mazes; It's All About Love

Tackle a corn maze by yourself, and you'll have a nice relaxing quiet meander through some corn. Tackle a corn maze with friends or family, especially the kids, and you get a team building exercise that will bond everyone together. Yet another big pro.

The con is when the kids run ahead of you and your old body can't keep up, or when suddenly no one can agree on which way to go so you end up walking in circles.

1. Texas Panhandle Corn Mazes Only Come Once A Year

The best and worst news about corn mazes in the panhandle is that they only come once a year. There's a small window of time when you can get out and enjoy one of the mazes we have in the panhandle, so you better be sure you get out and enjoy them while you can.

Then, once you get out of the corn maze and you're aggravated and tired, be thankful that you only have this time of year to enjoy them.

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