After hearing a few people I know go on and on about Leonard Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch in October, I was excited to see they were going to be open for the Christmas holiday season. I missed out before, and based on what I heard, I decided to take the kids to give it a try.

So, does Leonard Farms give you the best bang for your Christmas bucks? This is what I found out.

How Expensive Is Leonard Farms Corn Maze and Pumpkin Patch?

Let's get down to brass tacks and to what you really need to know. How hard is this little excursion going to punch you right in the wallet?

Not very hard, come to find out.

Honestly, I was shocked. I had an idea of what I expected to spend based on other events I've attended with the kids, and this came in way under budget.

Tickets for me and four kids? It was around $30 after tax. Hot chocolate and smores kits for the kids (I purchased three kits and four hot chocolates)? Around seven bucks.

Total it up, and I spent just under $40 for five people. When it comes to cost, Leonard Farms is hard to beat.

Charlie Hardin

What Is There To Do At Leonard Farms?

This was my big question. I didn't find a full breakdown on any website or on social media, so we went in blind.

Honestly, there was more to do than expected. The kids weren't ready to leave when I told them to pack it up, and had plenty to say about it once we were in the car.

Leonard Farms featured:

  • A massive "sandbox"
  • Plenty of Christmas Lights
  • Giant green Christmas light tree that the kids loved playing near, surrounded by lighted hay bales
  • Hot chocolate (added cost)
  • Smores kits (added cost)
  • Giant fire pit
  • Decorated play areas for the kids
  • Plenty of places to take photos near decorated hay bales
  • Pictures with the Grinch (The main reason we went. Check their schedule to see if the Grinch will be there. I noticed that it isn't an every night attraction.)
  • Two mazes to explore. One is 1 mile. The other is 4 miles. There is a neat game involved, which I'll leave you to figure out if you go.

Not bad considering tickets were only $7 and the kids had a blast. The corn maze was fun, albeit a little tricky with four kids under 10 who had enough combined energy to fuel the sun.

Pro tip: make sure your phone is charged before you go. There's a map available via QR code.

Is It Worth Going To Leonard Farms Christmas?

Based on the cost alone, I would say yes. They're a relatively new player in the game. It wouldn't be fair to compare them to something like Maxwell's who has years of building up their seasonal attractions.

I've been to both, and they each have their merits. Maxwell's definitely has more going on, but you feel that higher price point. Especially, if you don't order your tickets online for the cheaper rate.

Tickets at Leonard Farms are the same price online and in-person, and even though they didn't have as much as a place like Maxwell's, my kids had a blast and gave me stink eyes when I told them it was time to leave.

You can find out more about Leonard Farms by following them on social media for the latest news. I say it's worth checking out.

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