Last year I wrote about one of the newer spots in our area to take your kids for fall and winter fun. Leonard Farms opens up for pumpkin patch season, and also has plenty of Christmas themed fun available in the winter. My kids and I really enjoyed it.

They're looking ahead to the seasons coming up later this year, and they need sponsors to get it all done. Here's how you can help.

One Of The Most Impressive Corn Mazes You Can Find In The Amarillo Area

That was what got most of our attention. The corn maze at Leonard Farms is impressive. There's miles worth of trails to navigate inside of an impressive design.

My kids and I went for Christmas and navigated part of the corn maze, had hot chocolate and s'mores, and even got our pictures taken with the Grinch.

There was plenty to do, and the kids were pretty upset that we didn't get to absolutely everything before we left.

While we do have other options when it comes to pumpkin farms and activities for the fall/winter months, Leonard Farms made a name for themselves. Everyone I talked to who went out there, had a great time.

It's An Expensive Endeavor. Sponsorships Are Needed.

In a recent post on social media, the situation was laid out for this upcoming year.

I'm really hoping that the sponsorships that they need come in. I believe that more is definitely better, especially when it comes to stuff for the kids to do.

A big thanks to Leonard Farms for the fun times my family had last year, and I'm hoping everything works out so we all get to have more great times this year.

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