Earlier this year there was a story in Texas of a man who was heard "bragging" about making off with $50K of cartel money. As you might remember, or have easily guessed, that man disappeared.

So, whatever happened to the man who bragged about stealing from a cartel?

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April 2023; Man Who Bragged About Stealing Cartel Cash Is Missing

Back in April of this year, there were several news stories about a man that was supposedly overheard bragging that he stole $50,000 from Cartel Del Noreste. According to reports, he had been on the phone with an unidentified woman and commented how he wasn't afraid of her, and that he wasn't in danger, because he was in the U.S.

If you remember the news story, you know that he couldn't have been more wrong.

Especially when, according to one report, he basically gives his location to the person on the phone he supposedly wasn't afraid of. In less than two hours, he was kidnapped and never seen again.

I've looked online, everywhere I can think of, and have come up empty on any updates regarding the case of Erik Ramirez.

One Arrest; Not Many Answers

The authorities were able to arrest the individual who was driving the vehicle used to kidnap Ramirez, according to reports. However, that's where the story ends.

Supposedly, there were a few other people involved in the kidnapping. No reports exist, that I could find, of any of them being apprehended.

So, what happened to Ramirez? While we don't have any official reports, one could reasonably guess that whatever happened wasn't good.

There are a lot of questions that come out of the story. Questions like, why would anyone steal a very large sum of money from a cartel. Why would that person then brag about it within earshot of another human being? Why would that person brag about how untouchable they are, basically daring someone to do something about it?

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