We all hate to see our favorite places and things go away; whether that's restaurants, or just where we like to go for our entertainment. Amarillo has changed a lot over the years, and often people will remark how they wish their favorite "spot" was still around. Sometimes, it borders on the edge of strange obsession.

Here are some of the weird things people can't let go of in Amarillo.

Furr's Buffet In Amarillo

I can almost understand where this one is coming from. I'm not anti-Furr's Buffet. I'm just not a fan of buffets in general. However, even I happen to have some nostalgia attached to this one-time resident of Yellow City.

It never failed. On either Thanksgiving or Christmas, Mom would wake up with the sudden realization that she did not want to cook. She would announce her sudden shift in plans, and we all knew what was coming next.

A trip to Furr's.

It always felt like the trip to the Chinese restaurant at the end of A Christmas Story. The night before, we had talked of turkey and stuffing. There was supposed to be a mountain range made of rolls and mashed potatoes.

We still had those things...in a way. They were all next to the self-serve ice cream and something that resembled a pizza, along with a salad bar that had been decimated by children dumping ranch on slices of that pizza.

People have been busy complaining and comparing Furr's and the new buffet that inhabits that same building, Route 66 Family Buffet. If you're a fan of buffets, why complain when you just got another option? What's there to complain about when it comes to all-you-can-eat?

Long John Silver's In Amarillo

This one boggles the mind. I can't tell if this is just the work of some very funny, meme-minded trolls or a legit movement in our society.

I remember when it seemed like I was the odd person in the room for saying how much I didn't mind getting chicken planks from Long John's occasionally. It wasn't my favorite, but I didn't hate it either.

Now, thanks to a long-running series of posts on social media, everyone is screaming for us to get our Long John Silver's back in Amarillo. A big enough fuss was raised that Long John's corporate even chimed in.

At this point, it almost feels like there's some kind of Long John's cult in our midst.

The Bygone Era Of Gentlemen's Clubs In Amarillo

Every time some new guy moves into town, you see this question pop up somewhere. This poor fella wants to know where he can find a cold drink and some not fully clothed company, only to be told he's out of luck.

That's not necessarily true, though.

Amarillo does happen to have a full nude gentlemen's club. It's real. It exists. They've even got an active Facebook page.

You just won't find them in the middle of town. You've got to get away from all those city lights...so to speak.

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