Recently I ran across a post that was asking people to keep an eye out for some missing fur suits in Amarillo.

These are some very elaborate wolf suits. These aren't your typical costumes, and my guess is they won't be easy to get rid of or sell. But what I can say is that only a very specific demographic of people would be interested in suits like these. It's not as if you could take them to your local pawn shop. I'm not even sure a pawn shop here in town would purchase anything like these particular suits....I think.

Now I'm not one to rely on speculation, and I am really not gonna do much research on these suits, because let's face it, I'm on my work computer and do I really want this on my search history?  No.

This particular category of items could be a for a normal hobby like cosplay, but on the flipside, there is also a uhh...fetish associated with it. I'm pretty sure that these particular suits are used by Furries. Not sure what I mean? Google it at your own risk, because I will most certainly not.

What is a furry?

According to the Dictionary a furry is:

an enthusiast for animal characters with human characteristics, in particular a person who dresses up in costume as such a character or uses one as an avatar online.

Thousands of dollars have been put into these suits and are very dear to someone.  I'm sure the person that has lost these is upset, angry, sad, and heartbroken.

Just Don't Steal, It's Rude

At the end of the day, regardless of whether these are for cosplay or for furry fancy, the fact remains that someone's property was stolen from them. And because this is Texas, we should be darned if we allow that to go unnoticed.

If for some reason, you happen to see these elaborate fur suits floating around social media, hear someone talking about having them, reach out to this person and help them get their suits back.  Stealing is not cool even if it is fur suits.

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