2024 has gotten off to a rough start in Amarillo when it comes to crime. There have been several robberies already this year, and we're not even done with January. There was the story of the robber who stole lotto tickets and cash. There have been several more, which you can read about here.

Today, we add one more to the list. This time, it was at a Family Dollar.

Armed Robbery Takes Place At Amarillo Family Dollar Location

The way the reports tell it, the suspect walked into the Family Dollar on Grand at around 9:15 AM. Once inside, the suspect brandished some kind of weapon and made demands. I bet you can guess what for. The suspect demanded cold hard cash. While reports don't mention how much, if any, that the individual was able to make off with, you'd be forgiven for assuming they made off with enough to not hurt anybody. The reports don't mention anybody getting hurt during the exchange. All the report says is that the suspect left the building.

So far, all we know is that the police are investigating.


Are Robberies On The Rise In Amarillo, Texas?

I wouldn't hold it against you if you started feeling a little nervous. As was pointed out before, it seems like we're seeing a lot of robberies popping up in the headlines. Times are desperate; and when times get desperate, so do people. It's a real shame. Especially when you consider the trauma that the employees go through.

Hopefully, something can be done to turn things around. In the meantime, be aware of your surroundings. Some of these robberies are happening at odd times of the day. Some of them awfully early in the morning.

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