I went grocery shopping yesterday and as I'm walking to grab a gallon of milk,  I started thinking about the costs of a gallon.

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My milk cost me $3.49.   In my brain, wow, milk costs more than a gallon of gas.  Gas today in Amarillo costs $2.87.

So gas is cheaper than milk, but then logic set in and I realized I don't buy 12 gallons of milk every two weeks.   I buy that much gas every week and a half or two weeks.

So to put into perspective, let's look at the price of a gallon of other things.

Monster Energy Drink $24 per gallon

Average cost of a gallon of paint is $25

Gallon of Starbucks Carmel Macchiato $30.40

Propane Gas is $2.75 per gallon

Gallon of Water in a jug $1, bring your own jug at the windmill machine .25 cents

Jose Cuervo $60 a gallon

Nacho Cheese Sauce $6.58

Gallon of Carlo Rossi Wine $11.98

Gallon of Hellman's Mayo $16.88

Gallon of Hidden Valley Ranch $24.22

A pint of blood is around $150, a gallon would cost $1200

Too bad, cars don't run on water.  Twelve gallons of water would be $12 or $3 from the windmill machine.  It's kind of funny when you start to put things in perspective.

I'm sure a gallon of blood would cost way more than $1200 due to the fact it's medical. Bless the person who needs a gallon of blood.  If a person loses more than 40% of their blood supply they will die, the average body has 9-10 pints of blood.

But let's get away from that doom and gloom and focus on the fact that ranch comes in gallons.  Oh what a joyous day!

I can only wonder what thought provoking thing will come to me the next time I go shopping.  I just hope it costs less than $100.

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