This Friday, we're getting an event that only happens once every few decades...give or take. Not only is it Friday the 13th, but we're also getting a full harvest moon.

Not only is it a full harvest moon, but it will be a nationwide full moon. According to the Farmer's Almanac, the last time this happened was in 2000, and it won't happen again until 2049.

The Farmer's Almanac also points out that this already-crazy-full-moon-event gets even more interesting when you factor in that it will also be a "Micro Moon." This means it will be almost at its furthest distance from Earth.

When I was looking for info on this freaky full moon, the search suggestions that came up made things even spookier. The first suggestion was for the obvious "2019." The second one was for "ritual." There were spells even further down the list.

spooky stuff man
Credit: Charlie Hardin TSM Amarillo

I don't know if you're into that kind of thing, but I've included a link just in case you are. I don't care what you get up to, just leave me out of it.

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