The Texas panhandle is home to many odd, whimsical, head-scratching structures. Odd art displays are in plentiful supply on the high plains. So much so, that you can constantly find yourself stumbling upon something you've never seen before.

Like this unbelievable, and unique, sculpture that is found in the weirdest place.

The Acrobats In Front Of The Old Dulaney Auto Parts

On the west side of Canyon Highway, just north of the Arden Road and Bell Street exit, you'll find the old Dulaney Auto Parts. In front of the the old Dulaney Auto Parts, you'll find a sculpture that feels just a little out of place.

It's a beautiful sculpture of what looks like acrobats.


The sculpture is gorgeous. The question I feel that a lot of us come to when looking at it is, why here?

Change Is A Great Catalyst For Innovation

According to the story as it's been told by the family of Mr. Dulaney online, the sculpture was actually commissioned by Dulaney himself. The reason why he felt the need to place a piece of art in front of his auto parts business?

Supposedly, it's because the road changed to a one-way. He thought it would generate some attention for the business.

How's that for a marketing campaign? Need to generate some traffic for your auto parts shop? Commission an artist to create a piece of fine art and plop it down in front of your business. Art geeks need car parts too, right?

He wasn't wrong. It garnered a lot of attention.

People have been stopping to take pictures of the sculpture since it was put up. It's not every day you see chrome humanoids doing headstands on top of each other, while being hoisted up by a pair shiny accomplices.

That's A Whole Lot Of Chrome

The sculpture itself is made from multiple chrome bumpers. The piece was created by a man in North Dakota, and once finished it was hauled to Amarillo and placed on the concrete stand.

The sculpture will be getting a new home soon. Supposedly it has been purchased and will be put on display as part of the Amarillo Art Institute at Sunset Center.

I like that last part. If it winds up at Sunset, it will be well maintained and cared for.

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