I watch the Oscar's every year.  This year I thought I would share my thoughts about the show.  So here's a list of my thoughts throughout the show.

Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images
Kevork Djansezian/Getty Images

#1. Yep it's Barney and he looks Legen (wait for it) dary.

#2. Clint Eastwood didn't look enthused

#3. Neither did Jason Bateman

#4 Now that shadow things ispretty cool

#5.  Love the Ghost bomb

#6 Yes!  Anna Kendrick

#7 There's the Gone Girl joke

#8 Yes, Jack Black!

#9 From Idol to the Oscars.  Hello, Keith Urban

#10 you go girl throw that shoe.  I'm sure it was a $3000 shoe.

#11 He's so skinny how they heck did they all hide behind him?  Poof!  Magic they are gone

#12 What?  NPH just schooled Oprah.  Yes, very rich.

#13 Why is it I still think of Doogie Houser when I see him.  That was over 20 years ago.

#14 Lupita I will never pronounce her name right is so beatutiful.

#15 Thanks for making me sad Lupita, just had to mention Robin Williams.  We aren't even to the memorial yet.

#16 I haven't seen any of these movies, but I really want to see Boyhood.    I love Ethan Hawke.

#17 Birdman is on my list of movies to see.  I love Michael Keaton and Edward Norton.

#18Mark Ruffalo and Steve Carrell really look scary in Foxcatcher.

#19 Look the Farmer's Insuracne guy is up for an Oscar. The Farmer's insurance them is playing in my head.

#20  Opps the actor.

#21 Really the Farmer's Insurance guy just won an Oscar.  I guess we won't be seeing him on those commercials anymore.

#22 Awww he loves his family, thanks his wife and kids first.

#23 Call your parents!  Thanks for the reminder Farmer's Guy!

#24 Nice joke NPH, he had the Farmer's Insurance theme in his head!

#25 OK I've zoned out on this bit. His picks?  Poor Octavia.

#26 Liam Niesen, yes we get it, he's a movie bad you know what.  I love his accent.

#27 Bradley Cooper is a hottie and those blue eyes.

#28 Grand Budapest Hotel looks silly.  Probably will never watch this.

#29 Why haven't I seen American Sniper yet.  I must see this movie.

#30 Man the camera loves Clint Eastwood

#31 Bad Joke, there had to be one.

#32 Dakota Johnson - man they are really pushing Fifty Shades of Grey.

#33 Oh Yeah!  Here's Adam Levine! He's showing off his tats.  Rolled up sleeves and ditched the jacket.

#34 That man can sing!

#35 REALLY? $150,000 gift bag?  Don't these people have enough.

#36 Don't be fooled by the rocks that she got.

#37 Yay!  Costumes.

#38 Is it wrong that I fast forward through these awards.

#39 NPH, stop with the bad corny jokes.  Really eat her up with her spoon.  duh, da, dum.

#40 The top of Reese's dress is distracting.

#41 fast forward again

#42 Looks like the Grand Budapest is 2 for 2

#43 Bring on Channing Tatum- He's a cutie.

#44 The future of Hollywood movie makers.   Ha! the audience looks thrilled.

#45 Did he just say Jennifer Hutson?

#46 Ha!  The orchestra playing Let's Here if For the Boy (no I must watch the original Footloose)

#47 Why does Nicole Kidman always look like a wax figure?

#48 yay, Foreign Films.

#49 This IDA director is funny.  Why is it the winner of Best Foreign Film always so funny?

#50 Shirley McClaine- She still looks great for her age.

#51 NPH messing with the seat fillers.  Now he's joking around with Steve Carrell.

#52 I don't think I have watched a movie with this French actress.

#53 Love, The Lego Movie.  Still ticked they weren't nominated for Best Animated Film.  Grrrr! At least Everything is Awesome was nominated.

#54 Andy Samberg!!!!

#55 Yep, that's the only Oscar the Lego Movie will have.

#56 Yes, Oprah, keep that awesome Lego Oscar.

#57 Batman!!! Still grumpy.

#58 Everything was awesome about that performance!!!!

#59 Nice dig on child stars Doogie.

#60 I guess ABC is making sure all their stars are presenters.  Hello Olivia, where are your gladiators.

#61 Mat Kirkby & James Lucas win Live Action Short Film.  Now he can get a free donut and gosh darnit those Oscars are heavy.

#62 John Travolta, is he presenting?  Ooooh will he screw up a name this year?

#63 Is she wearing a standard Poodles tail?

#64 NPH - just pointed out her dress!  HA!

#65 Look it's Viola Davis in a killer dress.  I guess she got away with fashion.

#66 Flashing to the Oscar winners who weren't good enough for the actual award show.

#67 Everything does sound better in British.  Ha! they insulted the Annie remake.

#68 I think Gweynth thinks she is British. Her shoulder sprouted a rose.

#69 Tim McGraw - yeehaw!  Can't have a country singer on the Oscar stage without the formal Stetson.

#70 I like Tim McGraw's voice.

#71 Oh no they lost Neil.

#72 look Half naked NPH, and here he is on the Oscar stage in his underwear.  Hmmm...not sure how I feel about this...

#73 Isn't Miles teller one of the bad guys from Divergent?  I can't wait for Insurgent.  Distracted again....oooh look here's more winners that weren't good enough for the actual Oscar show.

#74 Here's Captain America!

#75 Is the orchestra's music all old school 80's music from 80's movies?

#76 I should care about these random awards.  I really don't.  I just want the good stuff.

#77 Look it's Clint Eastwood on the screen again.

#78 Awww Bradley Cooper brought his mom again.  Good Son.

#79 another cheesy joke NPH

#80 I love Jared Leto's hair.  I would give anything for beautiful hair just like that.

#81 Meryl Streep joke, and it was so cute, especially by a guy wearing that suit with that cute rose.

#82  Man, Emma Stone is great!  Look at her with her Lego Oscar.

#83 Meryl Streep nominated every year.  Does she have a special room in her house with all her trophies?

#84 Patricia Arquette wins it!  What a great comeback for her!!!  Now she's doing a CSI show?  Hmmm...wonder how long that with last.

#85 Patricia brought her soap box!  Meryl loved it!  I think every woman loved it.  You go girl!!!

#86 Robert Duvall- doesn't play along!

#87 Look it's Rita Ora - you know she was in Fifty Shades of Grey as Mia, Christian's little sister for like 4 seconds.

#88 Why is she on a platform?

#89 NPH we feel your pain.  Yes, we are old.  We grew up watching you as a doctor.

#90 Interstellar wins for visual effects. Isn't that the movie with Matthew McConaughey?  Speaking of, where is Matt?

#91 Look Anna Kendrick is in her Oscar dress, not Cinderella dress.  Kevin Hart is so short, and they are making fun of it.

#92 I loved Feast.  I want it to win Best Animated short.

#93 YAY!  It won!

#94 Good job NPH, just rub salt in the wound of the LEGO makers.

#95 Dwayne Johnson *swoon*.  He makes that tux look good.

#96 OK since the LEGO movie wasn't nominated, I'm going for Big Hero 6.  What an awesome movie.  It's out on Blu-ray/DVD on Tuesday.

#97 It won!! It won!!  If E. were still awake he would be doing a happy dance.

#98 I just did a happy dance for him.

#99 Ethan Hawke wait, what?  I'm supposed to be clapping?

#100 Oh yay!  The president of this thing.  Blah Blah Blah.....

#101 Look it's that guy from Parks and Recreation

#102 Yawn! this show is so long.

#103 The Grand Budapest Hotel is cleaning up at the Oscars tonight.

#105 Huh?  What did she say?  Who won Best Cinematography?


#104 Yes, Bahati, If I were sitting right next to Adam Levine, I would give the thumbs up as well.

#105 Yay!  Jessica Chastain, she is so beautiful.  So is Idris Alba.  On a side note they have both worked with Charlie Hunnam.

#106 Huh?  who won Best Cinematography?

#107 Oh.  She said Birrrrrrrrrrdman.

#108 Meryl Streep is Hollywood royalty.

#109 Oh great, now it's time to cry.  The memorial.  I'm gonna cry.

#110 Look she is even sad before the piece starts.

#111 No Meryl, no, don't cry yet.

#112 Here we go

#113 Mickey Rooney, Pun Jab, James Garner, Elizabeth Pena, Edward Herrman, Maya Angelou, James Rebhorn,

#114 OK don't know these people

#115 Richard Attenborough, Ruby Dee,

#116 Don't know these people

#117 and there we have it, Robin Williams. Just a quick flash.

#118 Don't know these people

#119 Lauren Bacall

#120 Don't know these people

#121 Bob Hoskins, Mike Nichols

#122 Why is Jennifer Hudson singing now?

#123 I don't get Benedict Cumberbatch?

#124 Oooh Film Editing.  Can we just skip to best actress, actor and movie.  I'm ready for bed.

#125 Well look, it's Terrance Howard.

#126 Why are they doing Best Picture Nominations this way.  It is weird.

#127 Jennifer Aniston was robbed.  She should have been nominated.  At least she got to dress up and present.

#128 what is with this woman's eyes?  She's creeping me out.

#129 Wait, Octavia disappeared?  I bet she's presenting.

#130 Man, John Legend can sing.

#131 Check it out, they got a Standing Ovation and tears!  It's a great song!

#132  Aww Chris Pine, you are breaking my heart.

#133 There's the John Travolta joke.  Ben Affleck thought it was funny.  Now where's John Travolta.

#134 Yeah, that wasn't funny Indina Menzel.

#135 John Travolta saved it.

#136 I vote Everything is Awesome, but Glory will win it.

#137 See I told you.  Glory won Best Original Song.

#138 John Stevens?  Lonnie Lynn?  Oh, John Legend and Common are stage names.  They don't do that to actors, why them?

#139 Now it's music from Willy Wonka.

#140 Stop teasing Lady Gaga, and just put her on stage.

#141 Dang Scarlett, how is that necklace not poking the heck out of your neck?

#142 The Sound of Music?

#143 Here's Lady Gaga singing The Sound of Music?

#144 I spoke too soon.  She is killing this...

#145 Yes she is weird, but man she can sing!

#146 Why didn't they get her for the Live version a few years ago? Carrie Underwood was OK in it.

#147 Holy Crap!  It's Julie Andrews!  Yes! Yes! Yes!

#148 How did Jennifer Lopez get to sit next to Meryl Streep?

#149 Julie Andrews saying Lady Gaga, Ha!

#150 The Grand Budapest Hotel wins again, Best Score.

#151 YAWN! Is this almost over?

#152 It's Eddie Murphy!

#153 I have to watch Birdman.  Just won Best Screenplay.

#154 It's Oprah!!!  Those earrings are amazing.

#155 Graham Moore won for Best Adapted Screenplay, thanked the Academy and Oprah.

#156 Graham Moore very inspirational

#157 We are finally getting to the good stuff

#158 NPH you are so funny....Gone Girl, orginally titled B)*#$ Be Trippin'

#159 Ben Affleck why so serious? So who's gonna win Best Director?  I'm guessing Richard Linklater

#160  The winner is...Alejandro G. Inarritu  for Birdman

#161 He said he was wearing Michael Keaton's tighty whities

#162 Here come the big awards.  Who will win.  Best Actor, Actress, or Best Movie??

#163 I caught up with my TIVO.  I hate waiting through commercials.

#164 Cate Blanchett is beautiful.  I love that turquoise necklace with her black dress.

#165 So who will win Best Actor?  Steve? Bradley? Benedict?  Michael? Eddie?  I bet Michael wins, maybe Eddie.

#166 Okie Dokie Smokey (Cate Blanchett is funny) And the Oscar goes to.... Eddie Redmayne for portraying Stephen Hawking.

#167 He didn't expect to win.  He is in shock!

#168 Look, there's Matthew. Alright, Alright, Alright,

#169 He's so bushy.

#170 Only one alright?  C'mon Matthew.

#171 So who will win Best Actress?  Marion? Felicity? Julianne? Rosamond? Reese?  I bet that Julianne wins.  Can Rosamond win?  If she does, expect a joke from NPH.

#172 And the Oscar goes to..... Julianne Moore.  She was the front runner.  She finally won and Oscar!!!

#173 She has the greatest laugh.

#174 She's a cougar.  Married to a younger man!

#175 Sean Penn has the Best Film Envelope

#176 Sean just tell us already, quit teasing.

#177 Birdman wins!!!

#178 Finally it is over!  Time for Bed!

#179 What no joke at the end NPH

#180 I'll have to record Jimmy Kimmel Live