Today is a day to honor all of the people who make our dining experience extra special.  It is National Waitstaff Day.  So if you happen to go out and eat today, make sure you leave your server an extra large tip and a note saying Happy National Waitstaff Day.


I'll admit I have never had to work in the service industry waiting tables.  I have a couple of times done the celebrity waiter thing for charity.  However, I have had friends who have waited tables to earn money and it isn't easy.

You know the saying you can't please everyone.  Well for every great table they have to wait on they have another table that is horrible and you will never please them no matter how hard I try.

I think when it comes to a pleasant experience at a restaurant is when you have a server who makes you feel like you are the only table they are waiting on.

My favorites are those who don't bother writing down your order, they memorize it and then when it comes everything is right!  That is awesome in my books.  I also love those servers who are always there filling your drink up before you have to ask.

One of the best thing about a server is when they connect with your kids and make their experience at a restaurant the best as well.

However, I have had some experiences where the server hated their job and it showed.  They could careless about what their job is and they do as little as possible to get by.

Don't worry as much as it pains me I still give those servers a correct percent in a tip although it pains me to do so.

Share some of your great service and horrible service stories below.

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